You are now a member of the 
Natural Journey Support Coaching Program

Please follow the enclosed instructions step-by-step, to ensure that you get access to everything you need.

Step 1:  Friend me on Facebook.  (I will manually add you to the PRIVATE Natural Journey Support Coaching Group.)

Step 2:  Add me on Skype – my user name is vivian.moody1  (If you don’t have Skype, please download it. It’s totally FREE! Skype is where we will be conducting our weekly meetings.)

Step 3: Add my name and email to your email contacts.  (This will ensure that journey updates are not lost in your spam folder.)

Once again, congratulations and welcome.   You’ve made the best decision for your health and lifestyle. We will wipe out fibroids together.

– Vivian Moody Perry, “The Fibroid Queen”